May 23, 2000

Using OUTER , WHERE or Simply JOIN

Question: Does it make a difference in placing an OUTER or simply a JOIN or a WHERE? Using WHERE: select tb01_field01,tbl01_field02 from tb01,tb02 where tb01_field01 = tb02_field01 Using JOIN: SELECT TB01_FIELD01,TB01_FIELD02 FROM TB01 JOIN TB02 ON TB01_FIELD01 = TB02_FIELD01 How do I use OUTER to do the same thing as

Deleted E-mails

Question: Is there any way to recover e-mails deleted from Exchange through Outlook 2000? Answer: Yes, if you have Deleted Item Recovery enabled. If you do, you should see a “Recover Deleted Items” button on your Outlook toolbar when you’re looking at the Deleted Items folder. If you don’t have

Exchange Administrator Program

Question: What file extensions do I need to copy to a NT Workstation in order to install the Exchange Administrator Console? Answer: Let’s not make life any more difficult than it already is. You can install the Exchange Administrator program onto an NT Workstation directly from the Exchange CD. Just

Convert Time for Numbers

Question: Does Informix have a function that converts datetime chars for numbers? Answer: Datetime is stored internally as an integer that represents the number of seconds from a certain starting date. The INTERVAL data type stores between two datetime values, while the EXTEND function pulls out various parts of a

Year-Ago-Today Date Function

Question: In Access, I can get the date that was this day of this week a year ago (i.e., if today is Monday, 5/15/00, a year ago was Monday, 5/17/99) by using this function in VBA: DateAdd(“ww”,-52,Date) Is there a way to do this in SQL? Answer: This can be

SQL Stored Procedure Problem

Question: I am writing a SQL statement that dynamically dumps the databases on the SQL servers. However, when I run the procedure as a stored procedure it falls out of the WHILE loop and doesn’t update the cursor: DECLARE @counter int, @db_count int, @dbname char(30), @rename_file sysnameDECLARE dbname_cursor CURSOR for

Date Insertion Format

Question: I am using VB6 with ADO 2.1. I am trying to insert a date value into a column that is of the Date datatype. I am receiving a date conversion failure error. I have tried to format the date with no success. What format does Informix require when inserting

Informix Error Logging

Question: Does Informix keep a log of runtime errors? If it does, where can I find it? Answer: Yes. It’s probably in your $INFORMIXDIR, but it does not have to be. Thelocation is in your $INFORMIXDIR/etc/onconfig_* file. It’s usually called online.log, but could be called anything.

Record Locking

Question: Can I find information regarding the user and 4GL program or process that is locking an SE database record? I am using SE 5.08. Answer: I’m not sure about SE, but on IDS we would use an onstat -u and an onstat -k to identify the locking parties. I

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