May 23, 2000

Informix Version 7 SQL Query

Question: How do I find the top n records within a table for version 7? I have seen some similar SQL queries but cannot adapt them to version 7. Answer:

Deleted E-mails

Question: Is there any way to recover e-mails deleted from Exchange through Outlook 2000? Answer: Yes, if you have Deleted Item Recovery enabled. If you do, you should see a

Exchange Administrator Program

Question: What file extensions do I need to copy to a NT Workstation in order to install the Exchange Administrator Console? Answer: Let’s not make life any more difficult than

Convert Time for Numbers

Question: Does Informix have a function that converts datetime chars for numbers? Answer: Datetime is stored internally as an integer that represents the number of seconds from a certain starting

Year-Ago-Today Date Function

Question: In Access, I can get the date that was this day of this week a year ago (i.e., if today is Monday, 5/15/00, a year ago was Monday, 5/17/99)

SQL Stored Procedure Problem

Question: I am writing a SQL statement that dynamically dumps the databases on the SQL servers. However, when I run the procedure as a stored procedure it falls out of

Date Insertion Format

Question: I am using VB6 with ADO 2.1. I am trying to insert a date value into a column that is of the Date datatype. I am receiving a date

Informix Error Logging

Question: Does Informix keep a log of runtime errors? If it does, where can I find it? Answer: Yes. It’s probably in your $INFORMIXDIR, but it does not have to

Record Locking

Question: Can I find information regarding the user and 4GL program or process that is locking an SE database record? I am using SE 5.08. Answer: I’m not sure about