June 1, 2000

Create an Employee Photo Directory with Excel and ASP

onsider this scenario: an administrative assistant maintains a staff list in Excel 2000. You want to publish the information on the corporate intranet. Your first thought might be to convert the spreadsheet into an Access or SQL Server database to make it searchable. But let’s analyze this for a moment.

XML and Oracle

Question: Can the ORACLE database talk with XML like SQL Server can? Answer: An XML parser is available in Oracle8i. Oracle is developing a product called Messenger that will allow for content routing, formatting and management.

Mobile E-Mail

Question: Can I send an e-mail via WAP, handheld PC or other units when I’m on the go? Answer: There are lots of possibilities. You can set up a WML/ASP page with CDONTS for SMTP mail. The short side is who really wants to type an entire e-mail using the

WAP Bandwidth

Question: What is the range of data transfer bandwidth? Answer: In GSM, the usual data transfer rate is 9.6Kbps. Under High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD), you can get around 14.4Kbps.

WAP/ASP Response.redirect

Question: Will doing an HTTP redirect via Response.redirect cause a problem for WAP? Answer: It all depends on what SDK you use, as well as exactly how you write your code. But to my knowledge, it shouldn’t cause a problem.

Capturing Voice Data From GSM Phones

Question: How do I capture the voice streaming from a mobile phone? I am working on mobile phones that run on a PC card (PCMCIA). Answer: Several software companies currently are working on something along these lines, as well as voice-responsive phones (more so than the “Call Joe” functionality currently

Exchange/E-Mail Policy

Question: We have implemented a technology resource policy that includes the following: “5.5 Automatic Deletion of Stored E-mail. All e-mail stored on (Company Name) servers will be automatically deleted after ninety (90) days. This includes messages that may have been accessed during the ninety (90) day time limit. If a

Building on New Server

Question: I have a domain with a PDC server and a BDC server. I want to replace the PDC, where I have Exchange 5.5SP2, with a bigger server and basically maintain the same names and Exchange settings. How can I do this? Answer: Hmmm…if you really must have the same

InteractiveChange in Grid

Question: I have a column in a grid that is of the data type date. In the InteractiveChange event, I have a code that takes the value entered in the grid cell and moves it to an array. Since the column is defined to hold dates, every time I enter

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