June 1, 2000

Mobile E-Mail

Question: Can I send an e-mail via WAP, handheld PC or other units when I’m on the go? Answer: There are lots of possibilities. You can set up a WML/ASP

WAP Bandwidth

Question: What is the range of data transfer bandwidth? Answer: In GSM, the usual data transfer rate is 9.6Kbps. Under High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD), you can get around

WAP/ASP Response.redirect

Question: Will doing an HTTP redirect via Response.redirect cause a problem for WAP? Answer: It all depends on what SDK you use, as well as exactly how you write your

Capturing Voice Data From GSM Phones

Question: How do I capture the voice streaming from a mobile phone? I am working on mobile phones that run on a PC card (PCMCIA). Answer: Several software companies currently

Exchange/E-Mail Policy

Question: We have implemented a technology resource policy that includes the following: “5.5 Automatic Deletion of Stored E-mail. All e-mail stored on (Company Name) servers will be automatically deleted after

Building on New Server

Question: I have a domain with a PDC server and a BDC server. I want to replace the PDC, where I have Exchange 5.5SP2, with a bigger server and basically

InteractiveChange in Grid

Question: I have a column in a grid that is of the data type date. In the InteractiveChange event, I have a code that takes the value entered in the

Object Focus

Question: How do I make a control keep the focus until a value within a specified range is entered? The control in question is a text box. Answer: The simplest