June 4, 2000

Averaging Columns of Information

Question: How do I get the average of three columns for each row of a table that has four columns of information? Answer: Let’s say you have a table called

SQL Trouble

Question: I keep getting a syntax error on the last part of this statement: “SELECT DISTINCT [Company Name], [Street Address] FROM ” & d & ” WHERE[Street Address] !=” Maybe

Data Type

Question: How do I compare two values when one value(data type) is char and the other is an integer? Answer: For this you can use the CONVERT function. Since you

Use for sp_OAStop

Question: I noticed that MSDN contains sp_OAStop, which shuts down the OLE environment that starts inside SQL Server the first time you call sp_OACreate. But I can’t figure out what

Create a New Table

Question: How do I create a new table? Answer: The DLL syntax for creating a table intuitively is the CREATE TABLE command. You can specify all the options for the

E-mail in a Query

Question: How do I send an e-mail to myself if a field reads “SEND_MAIL?” For example, a user wants more info on a product, so he clicks on the Send

Dynamic Table Name

Question: I would like to build a stored procedure that will receive a table name as a parameter. It then will select the data I want into whatever table name

The MB Tray Control

This control lets you place an icon in the system tray area and associate it to your application. The icon can be static or animated, if you specify a series