June 5, 2000

Concatening Columns Using AS

Question: I’m trying to retrieve the “firstname” and “lastname” fields from a SQL Server database, place them into a column called “fullname” using the AS statement. When I simply retrieve

SQL Version

Question: If my SQL Server has the following specs: 6.05.02 SQL-DMO6.50.252 DB-Library Which version do I have? And which service pack version do I have? Answer: If you want to

Message Display While Page Loads

Question: I have an ASP application that retrieves several rows from a database using ADO. For those users who have a slower connection, I would like to know if there

Error 208

Question: Error 208 appears regularly on my IBM RS6000 running Informix 7.3. The onconfig setting for shared mem is 0 ( no limit). What do I do about this? Answer:

XSL Editor

Question: I have seen a lot of XML editors coming out, and there are some that are very good. For me at least, developing the XSL has been more difficult