June 5, 2000

XSL Editor

Question: I have seen a lot of XML editors coming out, and there are some that are very good. For me at least, developing the XSL has been more difficult than developing the XML document and its defining document. I am really wondering when we will see an application that

Error 208

Question: Error 208 appears regularly on my IBM RS6000 running Informix 7.3. The onconfig setting for shared mem is 0 ( no limit). What do I do about this? Answer: This is a memory allocation error. I’d check the kernel configuration parameters and compare them with the ones in $INFORMIXDIR/release.

Message Display While Page Loads

Question: I have an ASP application that retrieves several rows from a database using ADO. For those users who have a slower connection, I would like to know if there is a way to dynamically let the user know the progress on the retrieval. What is the best method to

SQL Version

Question: If my SQL Server has the following specs: 6.05.02 SQL-DMO6.50.252 DB-Library Which version do I have? And which service pack version do I have? Answer: If you want to query the version of SQL Server that’s currently running you can use the @@version variable: SELECT @@version This returns the

Concatening Columns Using AS

Question: I’m trying to retrieve the “firstname” and “lastname” fields from a SQL Server database, place them into a column called “fullname” using the AS statement. When I simply retrieve “lastname,” it works just fine. As soon as I do the concatenation, I get an error message from the SQL