June 13, 2000

Displaying Time in Different Time Zones

Question: I have seen an easy way to increase any given portion of NOW(), but it was months ago and I can’t find it again. What I want to accomplish is to display the current time for California, New York and France ( as 9:27 AM or 4:15 PM [no

Calling the CD-Rom

Question: I would like to know how to call the CD-Rom, or rather search for its drive letter. Answer: You can use the FileSystemObject (Microsoft Scripting Runtime in the references dialog). Iterate through the Drives collection of the FileSystemObject and check its DriveType property and DriveLetter property. DriveType 4 is


Question: How can I retrieve the images that are stored in the SQL Server Database Table by using iHTML? Answer: I, as well as many others, generally discourage storing images in a database as BLOBs (Binary Large Objects). Lots of great campfire horror stories have come from such practices. It’s

All-Encompassing Try

Question: I was told that in order to make my program easier to read, I shoulduse try to cover all of my program, then catch every exception at the endof the program. Does this make any sense? Answer: You should catch exceptions where you intend to handle them. It makesno

Use Sysobjects in SQL Server to Find Useful Database Information

SQL Server sysobjects Table contains one row for each object created within a database. In other words, it has a row for every constraint, default, log, rule, stored procedure, and so on in the database. Therefore, this table can be used to retrieve information about the database. We can use