June 14, 2000

Outlook / Exchange Shared Calendars

Question: We have an Exchange server and are running Outlook 2000 on dozens of workstations. What is the best and easiest way to share calendars? Answer: Well, you don’t specify

Win2K and Outlook2K Exchange Connect via PPTP

Question: When I try to access Exchange Outlook, it produces the following message: “The Microsoft Exchange Address Book was unable to log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer. Contact

Moving a User’s Folder

Question: We have a user on Exchange Server that no longer can access his account (“User does not have permission to log on to Microsoft Outlook”). I remember seeing an

Database Limits

Question: I read recently that Exchange databases, like the Public and Private Information Stores, are highly susceptible to corruption when exceeding 4GB. Our Exchange 5.5 (Standard Edition) claims a 16GB

Multiple Inserts Error

Question: What does the following Informix error message mean, and what can I do to prevent it: “could not position within a file via an index” It happens when I

Validation of Textbox

Question: How do I validate a textbox, which doesn’t have any control source, so if it’s empty it should not lose the focus until the user enters some value? Answer:

Disable Toolbar Control

Question: How do I make the toolbar not movable? Answer: To disable the toolbar control from the user, you need to alter a property on your application object. In the

Hiding Rows in a Result Set

Question: If I retrieve a record from my SQL into my DataWindow, can I hide the fields that return as 0? Answer: You can use the filter command to remove

Dynamic Global Variable Declaration

Question: Can I declare a global variable at runtime? Answer: Yes and no. You cannot add a global variable at runtime, but you can dynamically create an object and store