June 14, 2000

Outlook / Exchange Shared Calendars

Question: We have an Exchange server and are running Outlook 2000 on dozens of workstations. What is the best and easiest way to share calendars? Answer: Well, you don’t specify what you’re going to be using the calendars for, but I think the conventional wisdom would be to use Public

Checking Message Size

Question: Is there a way to write a script at the Outlook client that will make sure the message size—including an attachment—doesn’t exceed our limit as soon as the message composition is started? Answer: Yes, you can do that with VB by using the ItemSend event like this: Private Sub

OWA and Public Calendar

Question: Is there a workaround to gain access to Microsoft’s public calendar using Outlook Web Access? Answer: The workaround is on its way—it’s called Exchange 2000. Outlook Web Access gets a pretty substantial face-lift, aided by the new Web store and support for public and secondary calendars. In fact, with

CD-ROM Distribution Kit

Question: I would like to distribute my application on CD. The distribution kit I have is on 1.44 disk. Can I get a batch to update my distribution code to have my application on CD, and how can I do an autorun application? Answer: The wizard will not build CDs

Visual FoxPro App Shuts Down in Runtime

Question: I have my first Visual FoxPro app that runs fine in the development environment, but will not run in runtime. What do I need to do to keep it going in the runtime? Answer: In Fox 2.x apps, you had to create what was referred to as a “foundation


Question: How do I capture the build date in PowerBuilder 6.5 and put it in an instance variable? Answer: Yes. You need to declare a constant integer variable and assign it to the current date as part of the definition: Constant Date ld_MyDate = Today() Then just reference it where

Get SQL Before Execution

Question: Is there any way to capture SQL at the transaction object level? Answer: If you are using a datawindow/datastore object, then you can add code to the SQLPreview event to see any SQL before it is executed on the server. You then have the option to cancel or modify

Alternative Sharing for Outlook Folders

Question: Can we publicly share Outlook folders in Outlook 97, without using Microsoft Exchange Server? Answer: The easiest solution for you would be to upgrade to Outlook 2000 and use Net Folders. That will let you easily share a folder between two (or more) Outlook 2000 users. With Outlook 97,

Exchange 2000 and Multiple Domains

Question: How do I get multiple domains in Exchange 2000? Answer: I’m not sure what you mean by multiple domains in Exchange. Exchange 2000 allows you to have only a single Exchange Organization within your Active Directory forest, but you can have multiple administrative and routing “groups” (formerly known as

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