June 14, 2000

Outlook / Exchange Shared Calendars

Question: We have an Exchange server and are running Outlook 2000 on dozens of workstations. What is the best and easiest way to share calendars? Answer: Well, you don’t specify

Checking Message Size

Question: Is there a way to write a script at the Outlook client that will make sure the message size—including an attachment—doesn’t exceed our limit as soon as the message

OWA and Public Calendar

Question: Is there a workaround to gain access to Microsoft’s public calendar using Outlook Web Access? Answer: The workaround is on its way—it’s called Exchange 2000. Outlook Web Access gets

CD-ROM Distribution Kit

Question: I would like to distribute my application on CD. The distribution kit I have is on 1.44 disk. Can I get a batch to update my distribution code to


Question: How do I capture the build date in PowerBuilder 6.5 and put it in an instance variable? Answer: Yes. You need to declare a constant integer variable and assign

Get SQL Before Execution

Question: Is there any way to capture SQL at the transaction object level? Answer: If you are using a datawindow/datastore object, then you can add code to the SQLPreview event

Alternative Sharing for Outlook Folders

Question: Can we publicly share Outlook folders in Outlook 97, without using Microsoft Exchange Server? Answer: The easiest solution for you would be to upgrade to Outlook 2000 and use

Exchange 2000 and Multiple Domains

Question: How do I get multiple domains in Exchange 2000? Answer: I’m not sure what you mean by multiple domains in Exchange. Exchange 2000 allows you to have only a