June 15, 2000

PDQ and Xtree

Question: How can I set the PDQPRIORITY for every user in the database? I am also trying to get Xtree to work on the same system so I can better

REPORT Functionality Within Informix

Question: What does a return code of 100 mean on a START REPORT statement? Answer: If this is an Informix error, and it probably is, Informix lists the following error

Truncate Table

Question: Is there a fast way to delete all the rows (in other words, truncate) the table in Informix 7.xx? Answer: There is no truncate command. The fastest way to

Threads in C++

Question: Is it possible to have threads in C++ like you can in Java? Answer: Sure you can have threads in C++. However, unlike Java, C++ uses external thread libraries