June 16, 2000

Bool Values

Question: How do I make 1 bool take 1 bit instead of 1 byte? Answer: Instead of an array, you should use an STL container that is specifically designed to

Software to Convert Informix dat to dbf

Question: Is there any software that will convert database files from Informix to dbf files? Answer: I’m not aware of any. Sort of like rebuilding a Ferrari and putting in

Constraints on Social Security Number

Question: How do I put a named constraint on a social security number defined as number(9) so that no hyphens are allowed in? Answer: To prevent numbers with hyphens from

Large WML Files

Question: Can I arrange the WML information on my server in one huge file and still have it delivered to a WAP device? Answer: The largest “deck” you can have

WAP and Packet Formats

Question: Let’s say a WAP server has a WAP stack of the following layers: Connectionless WSP UDP IP Would you give me example packets that arrive at the server from

Exchange Server Slow Down

Question: Why does our Exchange server randomly slow way down once a day? Answer: There are a number of reasons why that could happen. I suspect you may find some

Compiler for BOOL in C++

Question: Can you please name a few compilers that implement bool? Answer: Almost every C++ compiler nowadays supports bool. You don’t have to define or #include anything; bool is a

Using #include

Question: I use from stl in a .h file: #include …….typedef vector IntVector; // error! But in the last line, the compiler returns the message: missing ‘;’ before ‘

Outlook Web Access and GAL

Question: Does OWA have access to the GAL to send messages to other users? Answer: Yes, Outlook Web Access (OWA) does have access to the Global Address List (GAL) from