June 16, 2000

Bool Values

Question: How do I make 1 bool take 1 bit instead of 1 byte? Answer: Instead of an array, you should use an STL container that is specifically designed to store bool values as bits: std::vector < bool >. You need to #include < vector > and create an instance

Software to Convert Informix dat to dbf

Question: Is there any software that will convert database files from Informix to dbf files? Answer: I’m not aware of any. Sort of like rebuilding a Ferrari and putting in a Yugo engine, isn’t it? You should probably export the data into ASCII files and then load them into the

Constraints on Social Security Number

Question: How do I put a named constraint on a social security number defined as number(9) so that no hyphens are allowed in? Answer: To prevent numbers with hyphens from being entered into a SSN column, you can create a check constraint with this syntax: ([SSN] LIKE ‘[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]’) If your

Large WML Files

Question: Can I arrange the WML information on my server in one huge file and still have it delivered to a WAP device? Answer: The largest “deck” you can have is 1,397 bytes binary. There are a number of ways you can manipulate this upper limit to deliver a file

WAP and Packet Formats

Question: Let’s say a WAP server has a WAP stack of the following layers: Connectionless WSP UDP IP Would you give me example packets that arrive at the server from a WAP-enabled phone requesting a file, say “index.wml,” and the packets that respond to this request? Answer: WSP is the

Exchange Server Slow Down

Question: Why does our Exchange server randomly slow way down once a day? Answer: There are a number of reasons why that could happen. I suspect you may find some clues on Performance Monitor. Remember to check the network utilization and process object counters. Also I’d be curious to know

Compiler for BOOL in C++

Question: Can you please name a few compilers that implement bool? Answer: Almost every C++ compiler nowadays supports bool. You don’t have to define or #include anything; bool is a standard keyword and so are true and false. Visual C++ 5.0 supports bool. You’re probably using an older version of

Using #include

Question: I use from stl in a .h file: #include …….typedef vector IntVector; // error! But in the last line, the compiler returns the message: missing ‘;’ before ‘

Outlook Web Access and GAL

Question: Does OWA have access to the GAL to send messages to other users? Answer: Yes, Outlook Web Access (OWA) does have access to the Global Address List (GAL) from Exchange, and Exchange 2000 extends the capability of OWA by adding the ability to access and resolve names against the

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