June 20, 2000


Question: I am trying to upgrade a program from DAO to ADO that will take a flat file and create a new database, add the needed fields and then populate

Writing a Query Showing ID Status

Question: I am a SQL beginner and I am trying to write this query. I have a table with four columns: ID STATUS DESCRIPTION CURRDATE1 open Test1 6/1/001 open Test1

Selecting with Distinct

Question: I am trying to query a database with the following: SELECT DISTINCT SystemName, OwnerID, Location, Productver, StartDate, EndDate, ProjectNameFROM DevicesORDER BY SystemName I only want to have the DISTINCT

Mobile E-mail and Automobile E-mail Trend

Question: I’ve heard that Nokia’s strategic aim is to make sure that every automobile on earth has its own e-mail address by 2010. Have you heard that too? Answer: I’ve

Binding a Grid to a Cursor

Question: Is it possible to have a grid bound to a cursor? If so please tell me how. Answer: A grid is bound to a cursor the same way that

Problem with Multiple Table Joins

Question: I have two tables Region(RegionId-PK, RegionName) and District(DistrictId-PK, DistrictName, RegionId-FK). When I open a recordset (rs) like : Dim rs as new ADODB.Recordsetrs.Open “SELECT District.*, Region.RegionName FROM District INNER

Passing a Parameter to a Stored Procedure

Question: How do you pass a parameter to a stored procedure from within another stored procedure? Answer: To call a stored procedure from inside another stored procedure, let’s take an

Handling Multiselect Lists

When using a select list that will allow multiple selections, the selections will be provided to you in the Request object as a comma-separated list. Using the new Split function,