June 26, 2000

Generating WML via an ASP

Question: Can I generate WML via an ASP? If so, do I no longer need a WAP server installed on top of IIS? Answer: ASP is a server-side scripting language.

Converting Datatype Within Informix SQL

Question: I am trying to select various values from various fields. I want to be able to concatenate the results into a string variable, then insert the string into another

Accessing Parameter from HTTP-Request

Question: I want to attach a parameter to a URL like this, “url?name=value”, and use the parameter on the HTML page. Is this possible? Answer: Yes; you can do this

Informix Definition

Question: What is the definition for Informix? Answer: Informix is a database company that develops and sells high-powered commercial databases. It’s main competition is Oracle.

Heap Issue

Question: I have a class A (from a DllA) inside a method that does a new on a class B defined in the DllB, uses it and deletes it. When

Exporting a Table Informix 7.25

Question: How do I export only one table, then import the same table back into Informix? Answer: Use the SQL UNLOAD command: UNLOAD to filename.unl select * from tablename When

Saving Form Data Within the Form Format

Question: I want users to be able to save a partially completed form, preferably to their hard disk with a user specified name, so that they can retrieve the file

Initialization of Built-In Types

Question: What does the declaration int i(0) ; mean? Does C++ have a type ‘int’ constructor? And why doesn’t Visual C++ accept a char* p(0) ; declaration? Answer: This expression

STL Set Performance

Question: How do I improve an integer set’s performance when it is used in multithreaded environment? Answer: Many factors affect a multithreaded application’s performance: the operating system, the duration of