June 27, 2000

Viewing WML Files With Nokia Phone

Question: If I create an ASP that outputs WML, can I use the Nokia Toolkit 6150 phone to view the ASP output? Answer: Yes, you can use the emulator tools

AOL on Windows CE

Question: How do I connect my new Jornada 548 to the Internet and, once connected, access AOL (not AOL mail)? Answer: AOL provides AOL Instant Messenger in Windows CE format.

Skills for Wireless Development

Question: What other skills besides Visual Interdev, VB, ASP, and DCOM/COM do I need to jump into Wireless development? Also, do you think Java technologies will take over Microsoft technologies

Support for WMLScript

Question: Do all WAP-enabled devices support WMLScript? If not, how do I find out which ones do? Answer: WMLScript is compiled into bytecode before running on the WAP client—it is

WAP 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 Deltas

Question: Do you know of any resource that readily identifies the differences between WAP 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2? Answer: Not that I’m aware of, but you might want to let

Ruminations on Garbage Collection

Many programmers think of automatic garbage collection (GC) as the Holy Grail of programming that will free them from every conceivable bug. This approach is wrong, though. One has to

Prefer Stringstream Objects to Strstream Objects

In pre-standard C++, the strstream family of classes was used as buffered stream classes. These classes are now considered deprecated; you should use the stringstream family of classes instead. For

Invariants in C++

The notion of invariants was introduced nearly 30 years ago. In essence, an invariant is the property that makes the state of an object well-defined. Usually, the invariant of a

Restrictions on Using Memcpy()

You should use memcpy() only for copying POD (plain old data) types, but not class objects. For copying objects, use their assignment operator or the std::copy() algorithm. Remember also that