July 5, 2000

Display an animated GIF using the WebBrowser control

The standard PictureBox control doesn’t support the Animated GIF graphic format. However, you can display these images by using a WebBrowser control: WebBrowser1.Navigate “c:ImagesAnimated.Gif” The only problem of this technique is that the WebBrowser control also displays a vertical and/or horizontal scroll bar. You can hide these scrollbars, if you

Using XSLT to Comma Delimit Node Values

Question: I have the following code in an XML file: Fredonia AFB Russia Luka Russia 140N4506 64E3507 Sevastopl Bosie 140N4506 64E3507 Ukraine How can I set up an XSL sheet to correctly comma delimit the children of in this file so that I get: Russia, Fredonia AFBRussia, Luka140N4506, 64E3507Ukraine, Sevastapol,

Changing Link Color with Mouseovers

Question: How can I change the color of a link when the mouse is over the link? And how can I remove the line that underlines the links? I am using Internet Explorer 4+ and Netscape 4+. Answer: Actually, this may be done with CSS, not JavaScript, but I can

Creating Frames

Question: I want to make a simple frame for my Web site, but I don’t know how. I’ve looked through your tutorial but I still don’t fully understand. Can you help? Answer: Why don’t I give you a couple of examples to get you started:Example 1: Example 2: First of