July 6, 2000

Multiple Entries That Meet Criteria

Question: How can I pull just the first match to a query? We have a database of jobs in process: jobno 12345op# 10 shear %complete 100op# 20 punch % complete


Question: Why when I try to run sqlexecd to set up ODBC do I get an error: -25553 unable to load locale categories. Answer: Check your environmental variables. If you

Get Date by Totaling All Seconds

Question: How do I get the total number of seconds between two dates? Answer: You can use the DATEDIFF function to calculate the difference between two dates. The value can

Database Property

Question: How do I programmatically change the database property of Forms so that I can put my data files anywhere? Answer: You can set the database properties of cursors in

Threading and SimpleDateFormat

Question: Is SimpleDateFormat threadsafe? I am trying totrack down a bug where a date formatted “yyyy-MM-dd” actually came outas 2000-06-0001. I have four threads accessing the format method ofmy date

NT Admin

Question: Can I move 600+ users from a standalone server to a PDC with all rights and information intact, without having to recreate the users on the PDC? Answer: Well,

Using the VFP Grid Without Bound Data

Question: Is there anything similar to the “Microsoft grid control” in Visual Basic that just displays a grid and does not bind data from a table? Answer: You could use

Visual FoxPro 6

Question: With an application compiled into an EXE, why when I select 1 topic, enter into it, and exit do I get booted out of FoxPro to the main Windows

Array Enumeration

Question: Is it possible to return an Enumeration of an array? Answer: There is no standard class for creating an Enumeration of an array.More often than not, when you use