July 11, 2000

Dynamic Templated Objects

Question: How does the compiler handle dynamically allocated templated objects? As I have read, the compiler generates code for templated objects and functions according to the required data type. Answer:

Run-time Library

Question: What is a run-time library? How are they different from other libraries? Answer: A library is essentially a file that contains compiled object modules (a module is an object

Dynamically Changing Content without DHTML

The DHTML capabilities (such as changing the text color/fonts/size dynamically) are very nice features to have, but unfortunately, they are not available on all browser applications. Essentially, DHTML features work

Submitting Forms with Unselected Checkboxes

Checkbox control is one of the widely used controls in Web pages. However, it is important to understand that a name/value pair for the checkbox is only submitted with the