July 25, 2000

Synchronize Public Folders

Question: How do I set up offline public folders that are synchronized on a laptop that runs Outlook 98 connecting to Exchange 5.5? Answer: Have the users who want to synchronize the public folders copy those folders into their Public Folders | Favorites folder. They can do this by opening

Maintenance of Sent Item Folder

Question: Can I run a program/process/rule to prune the sent items and/or deleted items folder for users? Answer: You could use either ExMerge or Mailbox Manager to do that. ExMerge will let you specify which folders (and even which mailboxes) to use and then specify criteria for which messages you

Palm POSE Not Opening

Question: Why do I get the error message “Could not create a new session because the file wasn’t found” when I try to start a new emulator session? Answer: Be sure that you have downloaded and have available a ROM image. These are available on the same website, if you

Identifying the WAP Browser

Question: How do I know (with ASP) if the browser is a phone or a personal digital assistant? Answer: HTTP_USER_AGENT is really the only way that we have to identify what browser is being used, and that’s not 100 percent reliable depending on the gateway used.

WML Permissions Settings

Question: I’m using the Nokia WAP toolkit in conjunction with MS Interdev to write dynamically generated WML. I’ve configured the IIS server to handle the new MIME types, but each time I request an ASP file through the toolkit, it brings up a login screen, and no administrator passwords I

Removing Exchange

Question: How do I totally remove Exchange 5.5 from Windows 2000 Advance Server? Answer: Go to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Microsoft Exchange Server. Have it “Remove All.”

DNS Failure

Question: Why do I get DNS failure every time I go to a workstation and try to send out email through Outlook 2000? Answer: You need to go into the TCP/IP properties on your Exchange Server (the one running Internet Mail Service) and specify the DNS server that you want

Forward Declaring Classes

Question: I wrote: class Adjective { Sentence adjective_sentence; }; class Noun { Adjective a; }; class NounPhrase { Noun n; }; class Sentence { NounPhrase np; }; Of course it doesn’t work, because I try to create an object before its class is defined. The opposite order (Sentence-NounPhrase-Noun-Adjective) also doesn’t

Selecting Data from Views with Aliases

Question: If I have created a view from two tables that happen to have a similar column name (e.g., name) : CREATE VIEW team AS SELECT p.name, p.age, t.name, t.city FROM PLAYER p, TEAM t where … How do I then select this information from the view? Do I have

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