July 25, 2000

Synchronize Public Folders

Question: How do I set up offline public folders that are synchronized on a laptop that runs Outlook 98 connecting to Exchange 5.5? Answer: Have the users who want to

Deleting Year-old Calendar Items

Question: How can I delete calendar items that are a year old? Answer: I assume you’re looking to delete calendar items older than a year. The easiest way to do

WML and HTML Forms

Question: How do I pass text that was entered into a text box on a WAP page/card to an ASP page? Answer: Be sure that you are declaring and passing

Setting Up Indivdidual Addresses

Question: I am running an ISP. Many of our clients want Web hosting along with their own email addresses. When setting up Exchange on one server that is hosting multiple

Limit Access to Free/Busy

Question: Our CEO has three Personal Assistants who access his Mail and Calendar Items. He does not anyone else to be able to book a meeting directly. How can he

Email Notification

Question: Do you know of any app or configuration within Outlook 2000 that can check a user`s Exchange mailbox without having Outlook itself open? Answer: Sorry, no. There are at

Delete vs. Move to Deleted Folder

Question: How do I have deleted messages go into the bit bucket instead of the Deleted folder? Answer: You didn’t indicate what version of Outlook you’re running, but the Outlook

Call VB Program from 4GL

Question: How do I call an application made in VB from 4GL? Answer: I’m not a 4GL user, but I believe there is a “system” command that will allow you

Leftover Messages

Question: Is it normal for items to remain in my mailbox resource even after I retrieve all my messages from the server on Exchange 5.5? Answer: Your mailbox “items” include