August 2, 2000


Question: When accessing dbaccess through a script (in UNIX), what is the importance of the hyphen after the database name? For example: dbaccess mystores-

Win 95/NT Login To Informix

Question: I cannot get 6 of 60 units to log in to an Informix application server. The units are all identical and they can ping the server. I get the

.PAB’s in Outlook

Question: Can I enable an Outlook profile to access two .PAB’s (the same way it can access two PST’s)? Answer: No, I’m afraid not. However, you could import one of

Select Statement to Combine Two Tables

Question: How do I use a SQL select statement to combine two tables that are identical in structure but contain different data? Answer: The union statement allows you to combine

Shared Memory Error

Question: My Informix usually server starts fine, but when I try to add a database chunk with the onspaces command I get an error (“shared memory not initialized”). Any ideas?

Oninit Dying Unexplainably

Question: My Informix 7.30 dies occasionally and returns the following message: 16:01:06 Checkpoint Completed: duration was 0 seconds.16:06:06 Checkpoint Completed: duration was 0 seconds.16:11:06 Checkpoint Completed: duration was 0 seconds.16:16:06

Transaction State

Question: How do I know if I am already in a transaction when I call a procedure from another one? Answer: I’m not aware of an easy way to do

VB and WinSock

Question: Winsock with VB works fine if I specify a port (e.g., 1001). However when I set the Winsock’s port (local and remote) properties to 0 so that they would

Error in Timed Job

Question: I am getting an error (“Could not do a physical-order read to fetch next row” #244) while executing a job that runs a set of SQL statements every 30