August 10, 2000

Variable Creation and Scope

Question: In writing a basic introductory module about C++, I came upon the topic of “instant variable creation” within for loops and noticed to my dismay that the following code

Signals and Public Slots Blocks

Question: Everybody knows the meaning of public, private, and protected blocks in a class interface. While browsing through a KDE program I found two other block types: signals and public

Converting VBScript to JavaScript

Question: I need to convert this fairly simple VBScript to a JavaScript? The purpose of the script is to cause a posted seminar event to disappear after the date of

Editing an Executable File

Question: I have an existing .exe file that creates files, archives, and restores. I need to find out how to edit that existing program so as to update some changes.

Data Exchange

Question: Can we exchange data between Visual Basic and Microsoft Project? If so, what is the object model for Microsoft Project? Answer: The MS Project object model is as large