August 10, 2000

Data Exchange

Question: Can we exchange data between Visual Basic and Microsoft Project? If so, what is the object model for Microsoft Project? Answer: The MS Project object model is as large as the office applications, so I could not explain the entire model here. To learn more about the model, set

Editing an Executable File

Question: I have an existing .exe file that creates files, archives, and restores. I need to find out how to edit that existing program so as to update some changes. Answer: You will need to get the source code. There are some decompilers out there, but none of them do

Converting VBScript to JavaScript

Question: I need to convert this fairly simple VBScript to a JavaScript? The purpose of the script is to cause a posted seminar event to disappear after the date of the event has passed. Here is my code: Answer: Here’s how I’d do it: If you’re wondering about the way

Signals and Public Slots Blocks

Question: Everybody knows the meaning of public, private, and protected blocks in a class interface. While browsing through a KDE program I found two other block types: signals and public slots. What do they mean? Is this a special thing of Qt? If so, how do they make it possible?

Correct Reference Library for FileSystemObject

Question: I am having problems calling the FileSytemObject from VB6. “Dim x as New FileSystemObject” does not work. I have tried the Active Server Pages Obj lib and ADO 2.0 lib. “FileSystem” is available. Answer: Set a reference to the FileSystemObjects shipped with the Microsoft Scripting Runtime and you will

Variable Creation and Scope

Question: In writing a basic introductory module about C++, I came upon the topic of “instant variable creation” within for loops and noticed to my dismay that the following code worked without errors: for (int i = 0; i < 20; i++) { cout

DevX Special Report: Ensuring Successful Web Services Today and Tomorrow

uccess in understanding and developing Web services can mean the difference between keeping and losing your IT job. The good news is that there are successful, time-tested models of development practices that can help developers create enhanced Web service applications and plan for their long-term success and maintenance. Over a

DevX Special Report: The AJAX Framework Roundup

Which AJAX Library Is Right for Me? 12/05/06 Free AJAX libraries are multiplying like bunnies in the spring. Here’s some guidance to help you sift through the dozens of options and choose the one?or ones?that best suite your environment and objective. Putting AJAX Frameworks to the Test 12/05/06 Get a