August 21, 2000

Using the IRDA Port in Raw Mode

Question: I am using Windows 2000 and would like to access the IRDA port in raw mode. That is, not use the Winsock API but instead just send serial data. I am trying to communicate with a small micro that I have to program and do not wish to implement

Using the Gateway Server

Question: We have a Web-enabled application running. The ASP has been written to generate a WML/HTML response. This has been tested using a simulator from What should I do to deploy this application so that users can access it with their mobile phones? How can I use the public

Different Displays on My WinWAP Browser

Question: I am developing for an AT&T phone made by Mitsubishi. It correctly formats and displays WML cards until I try to use input boxes or any other type of formatting/data controls. I can get things to work in the WinWAP WAP browser, but not on the actual phone. What

Local Static Variables Inside a Member Function

Question: I have come across the following situation: if any method of a class has a static variable (not a static class member!), it seems to be shared by all instances of that class, e.g., the following program: class A{public:typedef enum { ac_save, ac_show } eAction;A() { f(ac_save);}~A(void) { f(ac_show);}private:void