August 30, 2000

Confirmation on Unsaved Form Data

Question: I have several forms in different pages which are linked using a tab approach. I would like to pop-up a confirmation window if someone is moving from one tab

Code Problems in Netscape

Question: Why is the following code not working? Javascripts January Februrary March 1 2 3 4 5 2000 2001 passdate1: January Februrary March 1 2 3 4 5 2000 2001

Loading Different CSS Styles

Question: How can I make different CSS styles to be loaded depending on the platform a user has (Mac or PC)? Answer: The simplest way to do this is to

Managing the Hourglass

It can be very useful to have a central public function for manipulating themouse pointer in a Visual Basic application. This function can help youorganize how the hourglass is shown

Name Property Is Case-Sensitive

Always be careful when checking adoRS.Fields(i).Name, the stringfor this property is case sensitive. If in a database there’s a field named BANK_BALANCE_AMT,RS.Fields(i).Name will not recognize “bank_balance_amt”: In such a case

Introducing C++ Locales

The standard locale framework was added to ANSI/ISO C++ in 1994. In essence, it consists of template classes called “locales”, which use facets. A facet represents a certain cultural convention

Initializing Object Members

Consider the following class: class A{public: A(int size);private: int size;}; You can initialize the member size in at least three forms: A::A (int size) : size (size) { } //

Avoid Redundant Inline Declarations

Remember that functions defined inside the class definition are implicitly inline. Therefore, the inline keyword is redundant in the definition of the member function of the following class: class Employee{public: