September 11, 2000

Form Variable Problem with Web Clipping App

Question: In my Web clipping app, I have a form like this: When I submit the form the query string looks like this: The problem is if a form

Client Says Not to Use Joins in VB App?

Question: I have a client that used to be an Oracle programmer years ago who tells me I’m designing his SQL 7.0 database all wrong because I’m using joins in

Spell checking

Question: I have a bunch of words in a listbox that I want to spell check(with Microsoft Word 2000 maybe?). I would like the routine to delete any word in

Co-located Exchange with ISP

Question: We have co-located a Windows NT Exchange 5.5 SP3 server with our ISP and we have about 14 Outlook clients running from our office. All of the Outlook clients

Opening an ASP Page Through VB

Question: How can I access an ASP page through VB? Answer: You can use the Internet Transfer control to connect to a web page and retrieve data from Visual Basic.

Template Function Error

Question: Consider the code: template class TestClass {public: T testFunc(T*);};template TestClass::testFunc(T* p1){ return sadfs; //actually, here I could //write anything I want} The problem is that VC++6 compiler doesn’t track

Const Member Functions

Question: What does the ‘const’ in the following funciton prototype mean? class A{public: void fn (int a ) const;} Answer: The const after a member function’s parameter list indicates that

WAP and Session Tracking

Question: How do I maintain sessions in Nokia WAP Server? Answer: Session variables are covered in the WAP Server documentation.