September 19, 2000

GetCookies – Get local cookies for a given URL

Private Declare Function InternetGetCookie Lib “wininet.dll” Alias _ “InternetGetCookieA” (ByVal lpszUrlName As String, _ ByVal lpszCookieName As String, ByVal lpszCookieData As String, _ lpdwSize As Long) As Boolean’ Get locally-stored

Finding the First Date of a Week

Question: If I have the number of a given week of a year, how can I get the date of the first day of that week? For example, I want

Accessing External Table

Question: How do I define an external table (that is not in my current database) in Informix and access the data in it? Answer: If you’re connecting to an external

Converting Input String to Proper Case

This is a simple string manipulation functionality that is often required.It converts the input string into a proper string (eg., “how are you doing?” will return “How Are You Doing?”).

VB Control Space Completion

You can use to activate Intellisense to prompt you forvariables/methods/properties/events at any point in a code window. For example:If you have a variable named myvariable, typing myv and then doing