October 2, 2000

MTS Objects Containing ADO

Question: I have an MTS object that contains an ADO connection object which I use in an ASP page. I look at the MTS console and confirm that the package

Static Memory or Heap?

Question: When I creating a class, I declare several large arrays, and some integers within one ofof class function members.Within main, I call new, making the object declared on the

Sizeof Structure as Defined, Not Allocated

Question: Given: pre>typedef struct{ byte a; byte b; byte c; byte d; byte e;} LETTERS; sizeof(LETTERS) returns eight bytes because of padding by the compiler for alignment.How can I determine

New PL/SQL Features in Oracle 8i: Part I

L/SQL is Oracle’s procedural extension to industry-standard SQL. Prior to Oracle 8i, PL/SQL was in a sort of static condition. It has not been changed much since Oracle 7. I

Paranoid and Proud of It: Part I

t is a natural tendency?and normally a very healthy attitude?to look for the best in any situation, to be optimistic about opportunities and life in general. However, when it comes