October 23, 2000

Designing Custom Forms

Question: Is it possible to make changes to the text on the tabs? Answer: Sure, with the tab you want to change selected, just click Form > Rename This Page.

Informix Backups Error Message

Question: We have Informix IDS 7.30 running under SCO 5.0.5. Backups by ontape fail with an error: “I/O read chunk 90, pagenum 2, pagecnt 1 –> errno = 9″But when we are doing normal queries, it’s all fine. Any ideas? Answer: First, I’d run oncheck against the reserved pages and

Locking a Row

Question: How can I lock a row in a table from a stored procedure? Answer: You shouldn’t have to worry about locking. It’s done automatically by the engine when you do an update or insert. You can control to what extent the locking occurs by setting you isolation level.

Upgrading from AIX 4.2 to AIX 4.3

Question: We have plans to upgrade our AIX operating system to version 4.3. We are using Informix 7.31. Do we need any new Informix components (compilers etc.)? Answer: You probably need to upgrade the Informix package. I’m not an AIX user, so I don’t know the specifics of your upgrade,