October 23, 2000

Upgrading from AIX 4.2 to AIX 4.3

Question: We have plans to upgrade our AIX operating system to version 4.3. We are using Informix 7.31. Do we need any new Informix components (compilers etc.)? Answer: You probably

Locking a Row

Question: How can I lock a row in a table from a stored procedure? Answer: You shouldn’t have to worry about locking. It’s done automatically by the engine when you

Informix Backups Error Message

Question: We have Informix IDS 7.30 running under SCO 5.0.5. Backups by ontape fail with an error: “I/O read chunk 90, pagenum 2, pagecnt 1 –> errno = 9″But when

Designing Custom Forms

Question: Is it possible to make changes to the text on the tabs? Answer: Sure, with the tab you want to change selected, just click Form > Rename This Page.