October 25, 2000


Question: I’m trying to get the PDC name for a domain on my network using the following code. It works fine within the VB IDE, but the moment I compile

NetUserGetInfo – API Call

Question: I am using “NetUserGetInfo” API call to get the NT user profile. I use: typedef struct _USER_INFO_3 How can I parse the “usri3_flags” member in detail? Answer: Use this:

Maximum Number of Columns Allowed

Question: What is the maximum number of columns allowed in an Informix table? Answer: For Informix 7.3X, the maximum number of columns in a table is 2,767.

Changing the Environment Inside a Program

Question: How do I change the environment inside a program (filename.4gl)? Example: setenv TBCONFIG $tbconfig.01 Answer: I don’t think you can do it. If you’re running a 4gl program, you