October 30, 2000

Mini Database Strategy

Question: I have recently written a small dialog based MFC app to carry out a few performance calculations for our product. I have managed to get o/p to the printer and that’s OK. What I want to do now is to enable the saving of the data from the calculation

Default Value of enum Variables

Question: enum Foo { first = 10, second = 20 };Foo foo; What does the standard say about the default value of foo, is it the value of the first defined enumeration (in this case 10), is it zero or is it undefined? Answer: Assuming foo is a local automatic


Question: To use or , I need to use “using namespace std;”. What is the meaning of it? When I have multiple .h and .cpp files, where should I put it: inside .h file or .cpp file? Or both wherever I have or ? Answer: Remember that almost all the