November 2, 2000

Use printStackTrace() method to generate stack

Stack trace is a kind of call stack, which maintains the call sequence of methods at any given point in time. Throwable class in Java provides a method called “printStackTrace()”

Passing Objects in a Function

In Java, objects are passed to a function by reference, so you can manipulate the object data in the function and have that reflected outside the function also. If you

New PL/SQL Features in Oracle 8i: Part II

n my last article, “New PL/SQL Features in Oracle 8i: Part I“, I described some of the new features in Oracle 8i that extend the power, performance, and flexibility of

All the Changes, All the Time: Part I

his 10-Minute Solution was prompted by a question to the Ask the SQL Pro site regarding how best to capture changes that have occurred in a database. I will address