November 3, 2000

Running an EXE Using a Trigger

Question: I want to run an .exe using a trigger. Is there any stored procedure for running an .exe? For example, I want to run Notepad. Answer: The stored procedure language has a SYSTEM command that will do what you want. Use this syntax: system(“notepad.exe”);

Informix Ontape Backups

Question: I need to do an ontape Level 0 backup but I need to bypass the “Press Enter to Continue.” Simply put, I want to type “Ontape -s -L 0” and not get prompted to “Press Enter to Continue.” I am currently running Informix 7.23 on an AIX 4.2. Any

Looking for Informix Server Sites

Question: I am trying to learn Informix. I have been developing Informix code to produce HTML files—effectively using Informix as a CGI. I want to do the following: Find someone who will host my Web site, which is written in Informix. Give me a shell account so I can further

Informix SQL

Question: Are Transact SQL stored procedures currently running on a SQL Server 7.0 database compatible with a Informix database? Answer: No, you’ll have to translate them into Informix’s stored procedure language.

Log Error

Question: I am receiving this error in my log: connections rejected: no calls allowed for sqlexec.listener-thread err: = -27002 oserr: = 0errstr = : No connections allowed in Dynamic server quiscent mode. Answer: You need to use “onmonitor” to change the mode of your database from quiescent (maintenance mode) to