November 22, 2000

Measuring Small Increments of Time in VB

In Visual Basic, it is not possible to measure time with more precision than one second. This code allows the user to measure time passed in increments less than one second (tenths, hundredths, or milliseconds, depending on the format string). Public Function ShowTime() As String Dim dCurSeconds As Double Dim

Returns As a String The Complete Path To The Current (Working) Directory

The method shown below returns as a String the complete path to the current (working) directory. This can be useful to know because default files(including property files) are read from and written to the current (working) directory. public static String getCurrentDirectory() { String sFilePath = (newFile(“junk”)).getAbsolutePath(); // example:D:fooFG_Project_Codejunk String sPathOnly

Designing Extended Multi-Select List Boxes

While designing a database in Access 2000 recently, I decided the most intuitive way for my users to be able to look at the data they wanted was to let them use extended multi-select list boxes to pick the information they wanted. The function below converted their selections into a