January 4, 2001

Another Way of Handling Null Database Fields

A compact way of handling null database fields is as follows: txtText1.text = Format(rs!Field) If rs!Field is null, Format(rs!Field) will resolve to an empty string.Otherwise the value in the recordset

Handling Dialogs With One Line of Code

Handle dialogs with one line of code by encapsulating the show method within the form in a public function. This makes the form/dialog reusable and simpler to implement and update.

View Recordsets in Temporary Grids

An alternate, convenient way to view recordsets in debug mode is to persist a recordset to disk using MyFileUNC.ADTG in the immediate window. Note that the file must be

Adding Popup Menus to Custom Controls

Shipping custom controls with their own set of popup menu items make the controls appear appropriately professional. They add ease of use, functionality and value to the control(s). Here’s how