January 9, 2001

Avoiding Crashes Due to Multiple Deletes

Many times, a program crashes due to multiple deletes on the same pointer. In some cases, this is due to a programming error that can be removed. There are situations,

Using Memset On Class Objects

It’s common practice in C, to do a memset on structures, in order to initialize all member variables to some default value, usually NULL. Similarly, you can use memset to

Structs and Unions

It is common knowledge that the only difference between a struct and a union in C is that all elements of a union share the same memory location but the

Creating an MSACCESS Database through VB

I have frequently seen bulletin board requests on how to create MSACCESS databases with VB. To do this, add a reference to the Microsoft DAO _._ Object Library (I am

ComboBox Autofill

ComboBox controls, out of the box, don’t help complete phrases as they are typed in. The sample code below accomplishes that task. cmb is the name of the ComboBox to

A Quick Way to Register and Unregister DLLs

It’s really a pain to continually register, unregister, and reregister a DLL (or worse, many DLLs) using REGSVR32. Importing the following into your registry, allows you to set up options