June 26, 2001

Testing New Operations For Null

Beginning Java programmers sometimes test the results of a newoperation for a null. The code for this test looks like this: Integer i = new Integer (400); if (i ==

Remove vbs Attachments in Outlook

Home users of Outlook must create a new form and make it the default form for their Inbox. This code removes any attachments with vbs in the filename on incoming

Pass Information from a Servlet to a JSP

You can use this kind of bean to pass information from a servlet to a JSP page through a session variable. For Instance: DataBean myobj = new dataBean();myobj.setData(

A Simple Way to Install a Special Font

This tip loads and removes any font. Loaded fonts can be listed by the common dialog control but not in the Windows Fonts folder. The advantage is it lets you

List That Requires Items of the Same Class

The benefits here are that the class can be set at runtime. You don’t need to write a new list for every Class that needs listing. public class HomogenousList extends