July 21, 2001

HashTable – a class module for storing (key,value) pairs

‘———————————————-‘ HASHTABLE class module” This class implements a hashtable, a structure that offers many’ of the features of a collectior or dictionary, and is often’ even faster than the built-in

LinkedList – a class module to store list of values

‘————————————————-‘ LINKED LIST class module” This class implements a linked list structure, where you can store’ values (appending them after the last element or inserting them at’ given indexes), remove

CBitArray – a class for dealing with large arrays of Boolean

‘ ————————————————————————‘ The CBITARRAY class” simiulates an array of Boolean values’ saves memory by packing one element in one bit” IMPORTANT: you make make ITEM the default member for this

Using Repeated-Letter Variable Names

When using a variable as a loop index, it is common to use single-letter variable names. This is a bad practice, because it can make it difficult to find all

Dynamically Creating Controls in Palm OS

Creating controls in Palm OS is very useful. It gives vital power to the programmer in creating applications. There are various controls in Palm OS like buttons, check boxes, radio