August 2, 2001

Improve I/O throughput of intelligent subsystems to favor SQL Server

One of the peculiar features of Microsoft SQL Server is its capability to keep alive multiple threads at the same time for performing I/O operations. The configuration options that affects how many threads available for these operations is max async IO. The default value for this option is 32, which

Get Started with JBoss Application Server

he JBoss Application Server is an open-source EJB solution that deserves your attention. Why? Because not only does the JBoss server have some impressive features that Weblogic, WebSphere, and the other big players don’t, it also boasts more than 50,000 downloads per month and more than 1,000 developers worldwide. JBoss

Essential JavaScript: 8 Cross-Browser Solutions

here’s a core set of problems that every JavaScript developer will run across sooner or later. In my Web Developer classes, I’ve noticed that some questions arise repeatedly—they’re common problems. The answers to these problems aren’t readily apparent from studying the language itself, because they’re not directly related to JavaScript—they’re