September 2, 2001

Tuning DB2: Where Your Data Is and Why it Matters

atabase performance is one of those things that goes unnoticed, until it starts flagging. There are three broad areas relevant to database performance: System resources (essentially, the hardware) Data structures

Automate Your Form Validation

orm validation is a checking process that occurs between the time the user clicks the submit button and the actual submission of the form. In this article, you’ll see how

How to Create Persistent Objects

ames, distributed database systems, multimedia and graphic applications use persistent objects extensively. Yet presently, C++ doesn’t support persistence directly (there are proposals for adding persistence and reflection to C++ in

Creating Generic XSLT Transforms

uch of the focus of XSLT has been on its “stylesheet” capabilities?the ability to convert XML into some form of displayed HTML. However, XSLT is a functional language, one that

Office2000 Flat Combobox

This control reproduces the Flat Combobox control introduced in Office 2000: the combobox has a flat or 3D border according to the mouse cursor being or not over the control.