December 1, 2001

‘Making Reuse Fun’ instead of ‘Making Fun of Reuse’

evelopers using binary reusablecomponents essentially becomes users, and immediately they treat these”black boxes” the same way users treat other programs.  Amazingcapabilities are overshadowed by ease of use and other trivial

Working with owned forms

If a form owns another form, the owned form will be always displayed in front of its owner form, no matter which is the active form. This makes owned forms

Showing help

The System.Windows.Forms.Help class encapsulates the HTML Help 1.0 engine and lets you display the index, the search page, or a specific topic in an HTML file in HTML Help format

Mouse clipping with the Cursor class

The Clip property of the System.Windows.Forms.Cursor class represents the rectangle within which the mouse cursor is confined, or Nothing if the mouse can move over the entire screen. This rectangle

Adding events dynamically in a Windows Form

The new AddHandler statement makes it possible to attach event dynamically, that is without having to bind them via static code based on the Handles keyword. This keyword is also

Compressing XML—Part I, Writing WBXML

ireless Binary XML (WBXML) is a compact representation of XML and is part of the presentation logic in Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). WBXML significantly improves the efficiency of transmitting XML

Create all the subdirectories for a new folder

The System.IO.Directory class exposes a CreateDirectory method that, as its name suggests, can create a subdirectory. However, this method is even more powerful than it appears at a first glance,