April 13, 2002

Format the Given Date into a Required Date Format

You can change the given format into the required date format using the CONVERT Function. Here’s an example: companyid peo———– ———–104 1998-09-30104 1999-09-30104 1999-12-31104 2000-03-31104 2000-06-30104 2000-09-30104 2000-12-31104 2001-03-31104 2001-06-30104

Use ISQLW for Messenger Service in an Intranet

It’s possible to send messages from one system to another system in an Intranet by using ‘xp_cmdshell’ extended stored procedure in MS SQL Server. The usage of this procedure can

Write One toString() Method for Most All Your Classes

public String toString(){ StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer( 256 ); sb.append(“[Field Name] [Value] “); Class curr = this.getClass(); while(curr != null){ Field[] field = curr.getDeclaredFields(); for(int i=0; i

Use IN in place of OR

If you use OR against a table when you are trying to retrieve rows on matching criteria, it will search the table as many times as matching criteria you gave.

Using the dir() and the dir$() Functions

It’s possible to use the dir() and the dir$() functions to list directories. However, many programmers handle the two first returns from the functions “.” and “..” by using an