April 16, 2002

VC++ to Aim at Full ANSI/ISO Compliance?

Herb Sutter is a recognized expert on C++ software development. Author of more than 150 technical articles and of the widely acclaimed books Exceptional C++ and More Exceptional C++, he regularly gives invited talks to conferences and clients around the world. Herb is secretary of the ISO/ANSI C++ standards committee,

Using Images for Table Borders

This method consists of creating empty rows and columns where an image will show through around a central cell that will contain the table’s content.To use an image as a table border: To begin, type: Making x the same thickness as the top border, type: Making the image.gif the same

Encrypt Your Userid and Password

The result is a password script that won’t crumble as soon as the user views the page’s source. Here’s the code: Enter username: Enter password:

Prevent a Document from Getting Cached

Preventing the document from being cached ensures that a fresh copy of the document will always be retrieved from the site, even during the user’s current session, regardless of how the user has set his browser’s caching options. This is useful if the content of the document changes frequently. Just

Page Redirection

There is no Response object method that will redirect/forward a page visitor to another page after a specified amount of time.To achieve this you can use following two methods:1) Using Javascript: 2) Using the meta tag:The problem with this method is that the redirection page is included in the visitor’s

Eliminate All Database Connection Logic from ASP

Eliminate any database connection logic from your ASP pages by implementing a simple VB component that wraps up the most common ADO functionalities and in conjunction with a UDL. 1. Create a wrapper ADO component using VB. Expose the all the typical methods you use such as GetRecordSet (for reads)