April 24, 2002

Managed Security: Build It Right the First Time

roviding a service on the Web entails a wealth of concerns, from system design, network architecture, and application development, to maintenance and security. This last aspect is often overlooked and undervalued because proactive application, system, and network security offer little tangible return. Not until a Web service vulnerability causes loss

Web Server Scanners: Find Your Vulnerabilities Before Hackers Do

hen deploying a web server and web applications, you must defend against malicious attackers who can identify and exploit the vulnerabilities in these servers and apps. The nimda worm and its predecessors painfully reminded us of that. After all, robust firewall rules and strict router access control lists alone will

Take Control of Your Projects Before They Control You

ow many times has your 12-week project been cut to nine weeks, or your project team loses a member yet you’re still expected to maintain the same project schedule? Getting caught in these types of project hell is almost clich