May 29, 2002

A dual use of a lookup query

Usually in your application you use two different types of lookup query; the first one is for retrieving a page of records (or all records) to populate a pick list, the other one is to retrieve a single record, i.e. for decoding a code description while user is typing it

Create BitInputStream and BitOutputStream Classes

he classes in the and java.nio packages make it easy to read and write just about any kind of data?such as bytes, or arrays of bytes. Other classes make it easy to read and write other data types; however, all these classes read and write data in pieces that

Emerging from the Technological Winter

atching the effects of economic deterioration on IT departments over the last two years has been incredibly depressing. But such observance has provided moments of clarity, among them this sad truth: when times get tough and money gets tight, new developmentand developer trainingget a disconcerting place on the back burner.