July 2, 2002

Base Conversion module – A module to convert numbers between any bases

‘—————————————————————–‘ Module: mBases’ (C) 2000 Trinet Ltd, http://www.trinet.co.uk’ Author: R. Deeming ([email protected])” Purpose: To provide simple conversion between different’ number bases, including fractional parts.” An example of advanced conversion is included:’ the sexagesimal (base 60) system. For this’ example, the numbers are represented as a’ 2-digit number from 0 to

Comparing Computer Information with WMI, Part II

n part one of Comparing Computer Information, I covered some of WMI’s low-hanging fruit (meaning, information that is relatively easy to retrieve). However, there are other, rather interesting pieces of information that you may need to access, some of which might be just what you need to identify the problem

Avoid Database Deadlocks with Planning

esolving deadlocks is one of the more elusive solutions in database application development. Deadlocks are the dark side of concurrency, that is, they occur when some combination of locking, coding, or transaction management goes wrong. Deadlocking represents a failure of processes to work and play well together. In this 10-Minute