July 31, 2002

Keep Your Projects Intact

VB has always gone out of its way to take care of mundane housekeeping tasks without bothering you with the details. But sometimes the best intentions can create unintended problems.

Split Strings Cleanly, Redux

What if you want to split an array on more than one delimiter? Adding a few lines of code and using recursion can enhance the function to handle multiple delimiters.When

Check for Errors While Connecting to a Database

When connecting to a database, you should check for errors and return a descriptive user-friendly error message. This code calls an error handler routine after connecting to the database. If

Pass a Parameter to XSL

In XSL: ‘define parameter name and set default value In ASP: ‘set xsl objectDim xslFile, xslDocxslFile = “MyXsl.xsl”Set xslDoc = Server.CreateObject(“Msxml2.DOMDocument”)xslDoc.async = falsexslDoc.load(Server.MapPath(xslFile))’pass parameterset param=xslDoc.selectSingleNode(“//xsl:param[@name=’loginName’]”)param.setAttribute “select”,”‘Bill'”