October 22, 2002

Updates, Uninstallations, and Product Codes

Install and uninstall issues are some of the most common sources of calls to help desks. The following is a tip on an implementation strategy for software updates using InstallShield

The Late but Great Rearchitecture of DevX

t was just about exactly two years ago that DevX changed enough things around that our readers were likely to notice. At that time we were implementing a site-wide navigation

Master Font Manipulation in Java

hether you think very much about fonts or not, as an application user, you are constantly interacting with and manipulating fonts. Particularly in word processing programs, where it’s common to

Make Your Existing Perl Apps .NET-compliant

The Perl language gains popularity daily among programmers from all over the world because of its flexibility, vast sphere of application, and easy source-code availability. The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network

Using OLE Drag-and-Drop in Visual Basic 6

ll graphical user interfaces, including Windows, make excellent use of the mouse. One way that the mouse can be used is drag-and-drop, the ability to initiate some action by dragging

Automate Component Registration Using MTXAdmin

As developers, we are trained to look at workflows, trends and needs, perform an analysis of our own personal experience, and recognize repetitive actions that could benefit from automation. So