December 17, 2002

Author Advanced .NET Applications in Perl

n part 1 of this series you learned how PERL has been incorporated into the Visual Studio .NET family. This article explores its membership in more detail. PERL and its

Boundless Array Indexing

Use this function for getting the 10th next element from an array with “circular” contents such as “Monday,” “Tuesday,” and so on: intCurrent = WrapIndex(Index:=intCurrent, _ Move:=+10, UpperBound:=6) You don

Open a ToolBar Dropdown Menu

VB6 introduced a new Style=5-tbrDropDown of the Button object for the ToolBar control. In this case, you can add one or more ButtonMenu objects to the current Button. Unfortunately, you

Applying Different Stylesheets Across Various Browsers

function IsIE(){ var str=newString(Request.ServerVariables(“HTTP_USER_AGENT”)).toUpperCase(); return (str.indexOf(“MSIE”)>-1)?true:false;}if(IsIE()==false){ Response.Write (“”); } else{ Response.Write (“”); }

Dynamic Copyright Date

This little bit of code keeps webmasters from having to update copyright dates at the beginning of every year. Put it in the body of your HTML. Don’t forget to