January 1, 2003

Add a slash to directory names

If you have defined a default document for a given IIS virtual directory, any link pointing to the directory will actually point to the default document for that directory. However,

Most runtime errors don’t rollback transaction

Many developers mistakenly believe that any error inside a transaction will make the transaction fail and automatically rollback. However, this is true only for fatal errors, such as most errors

Retreive information about SQL Server

You may retrieve a few important information about a connection to SQL Server by querying the server through appropriate @@ global variables. For example, the following routine takes an ADO

The WITH CHECK OPTION option with views

SQL Server’s views are updateable, but it is possible that when you insert a new record or update an existing record, the record added or modified doesn’t logical belog to

GetHtmlPageSource – Get the HTML of a page using MSXML library

‘ Getting the HTML code of any page on the web’ NOTE: requires the Microsoft XML library’ Example:’ Text1.Text = GetHtmlPageSource(“http://www.vb2themax.com/Default.asp”)Function GetHtmlPageSource(ByVal URL As String) Dim objHTTP As New XMLHTTP

Swap the values of two columns

At times you may need to swap the values of two columns of the same SQL Server table. For example, suppose that you realized that the fname column of the

Calculate the product of a field

The SQL language includes the SUM() aggregate function, that evaluates the sum of all the values in a given column, but it doesn’t include a PROD() function that evaluates the