January 16, 2003

Developing Web Services in C++, Part II

n this article, I will demonstrate how to write a SOAP service in C++. The service is simple and consists of two operations; one to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, the other to covert Celsius to Fahrenheit. I will also show the accompanying client code, but will not discuss the implementation

Stepping Up to Book Publishing

ne of the great advantages of being a developer is that your skills are in demand in virtually every industry. That means that when the job market dries up, developers are in a better position than the average worker to find other ways of turning their knowledge into income. And

Create Fast, Smooth Multi-page Forms with JavaScript

eb Developers constantly make trade-offs; sometimes sacrificing usability for speed and sometimes sacrificing speed for usability. One example of such a trade-off becomes evident when you consider the task of creating a multi-page form. Multi-page forms are common, because on one hand, developers try to avoid lengthy pages that force