February 11, 2003

Develop a Consistent Naming Convention for Your Database Objects

he sheer number of objects in a database makes keeping track of them difficult. Keeping track of objects dedicated to a particular table, such as constraints and column names, can be discerned by using sp_help @tablename or the information_schema views. The identification of other objects and their dependencies shared between

How to Check for Open Cursors in an Oracle Database

If you are using Oracle, you might have faced the following error sometime during the development/testing cycle. ORA-01000: Maximum open cursors exceeded How do you check for open cursors in the Oracle database? And how can you find out what part of your application is using/wasting these cursors?Run the following

Disable the Alt+F4 Key Combination to Keep the Window from Closing

Assume you have an MFC application. The solution is to override the virtual function: virtual BOOL CWinApp::ProcessMessageFilter(int code, LPMSG lpMsg); The following code demonstrates: BOOL CMyProgramApp::ProcessMessageFilter(int code, LPMSG lpMsg){ if(WM_SYSKEYDOWN == lpMsg->message) { if(VK_F4 == lpMsg->wParam) { //Eliminate Alt+F4 if(::GetKeyState(VK_MENU) < 0) { //Do nothing return TRUE; //We are processing,

Get Data from a Single Radio button with Javascript

Auto-generated radio buttons cause a special case where one radio button may be created. Reading back a single radio button is different to reading from a group of radio buttons.Take a radio button(s) called quoteList?where the value is an integer: if (isNaN(frmData.quoteList.length)){ // branch required because radio button handling is

Using the JEditorPane to Display HTML File

The JEditorPane provides a mechanism through which you can add support for custom text formats. A standard editor pane can understand plain text, HTML, and RTF. import javax.swing.*;import javax.swing.event.*;import java.awt.*;import java.net.*;class JEditorPanes extends JFrame implements HyperlinkListener{ URL url; JEditorPane editPane; JEditorPanes(String path)throws Exception { Container c=getContentPane(); editPane=new JEditorPane();// Creating an

The Foundation VB Library

The Foundation library is intended to provide VB developers with convenience and simplicity of working with data available for their C++ colleagues from standard STL library. The author tried to keep as close to STL spirit as possible unless VB OOP limitations forced him to invent something specific to VB