March 4, 2003

Using the Volatile Keyword to Avoid Failures

When compiling a program, the compiler adds some optimizations that may cause your application to misbehave. For example consider the following code: // To avoid threads waiting on the critical

Using the Const_cast Operator

The const_cast operator takes the form: const_cast (expr) It is used to add or remove the “const-ness” or “volatile-ness” from a type. Consider a function, f, which takes a non-const

Select Case Enhancement

I have found the need to do multiple tests on dissimilar variables and objects with any failing test causing an action. Multiple embedded If…Then…ElseIf…EndIf statements are awful to look at

Sort Arrays Faster

When an array is declared as a type where each element occupies a lot of memory (such as a complex user-defined type), sorting the array can become unacceptably slow. To

Copy an Array Faster, Redux

Simple is usually best. VB4 introduced direct assignment to Byte arrays, and VB5 later expanded that capability to include other array types as well. This code does the same thing