May 21, 2003

VFP 8 Feature Highlights

isual FoxPro 8 includes numerous new features that are a direct response to the requests of VFP developers. Just reading through the “What’s New” section of the documentation will take

Member Classes Bring Flexibility

eed to define several pages in a PageFrame with different properties and settings? No problem. How about better control of grid column headers? No problem. By changing the way you

Introducing the CursorAdapter Class

he CursorAdapter class is one of the most impressive accomplishments of the VFP 8 development team. It will change the way many developers relate to their various data sources. With

The VFP 8 XMLAdapter Class

he new XMLAdapter class in VFP 8 greatly enhances your ability to work with XML data sources, including hierarchical XML documents, such as .NET DataSets. Cathi explains how this and

Event Binding in VFP 8

isual FoxPro developers have been using an event-based methodology for a very long time, but event handling in VFP 8 opens a new world to developers who need to “hook”

Collections Are Cool!

ntil recently, Visual FoxPro developers wanting to use collections often created their own classes that were nothing more than fancy wrappers for arrays. However, in addition to being a lot

Creating a StatusBar Control with VFP 8

isual FoxPro 8 offers full support for themes and the XP style look. Unfortunately the Windows Common Control OCX that ships with VFP 8 doesn’t support this same look. This

Structured Error Handling in VFP 8

isual FoxPro 8.0 introduces a new error handling mechanism known as “Structured Error Handling.” This mechanism uses Try/Catch blocks to wrap sections of source code and attach the appropriate error