May 29, 2003

Stop the Flickering

This code stops the annoying flicker often seen when you pack an object with data. Test this code with the controls that bother you most: Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib

Navigate the TRACEs in Your Code

If you put many TRACE’s, in your code, it might be very convenient to jump to each one of them by double clicking a text line in the Debug window.

Granting Permissions on Database Objects

These permissions are required for security reasons USE pubsGOCREATE PROCEDURE GeneralSelect @TableName SYSNAMEASEXEC (‘SELECT * FROM ‘ + @TableName)GO You probably expect that your stored procedure will make a call

Deprecate Old APIs

When you write a new version of an API, you want to deprecate the old API. If you deprecate old API’s, the compiler will tell you wherever that deprecated API