June 2, 2003

Adding external commands to VS.NET’s Tools menu

The VS.NET’s Tools menu can be customized with your own commands, to launch external programs. For example, you may want to have a command that opens the current project’s folder in a Windows Explorer window, to easily manage the project’s files. To add such a new command, click Tools |

Creating applications that target .NET Framework v. 1.0 and/or 1.1

As explained in this article, the applications you create with one version of the framework, can target only that version or both, according to the settings you put in the appname.config file. (Where appname is the full name of your executable file including the extension, such as myapp.exe, so the

Creating custom help filters

If you open the VS.NET documentation (either from within the IDE or by clicking the respective icon under the Start | Programs| Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 folder) you can use the Filtered by dropdown box to select a filter, and load in the list/tree control below only the subset of

Settings pre and post-build actions in VS.NET 2003

VS.NET 2003 comes with a nice feature that allows you to automatically run an external executable file before or after a build. For example, you may want that after a build a Windows Explorer window is automatically opened on the output folder, so that you can easily run the compiled